We create revolutionary businesses.

BILLIONAIRE INC is a personal holding company founded by a famous entrepreneur who has launched a number of businesses of national and international significance over the years.

Today, the holding company focuses on creating and launching entrepreneurial projects and investing in start-ups or established companies.
In our portfolio we have companies in every sector



BILLIONAIRE INC was born out of the need to incorporate all projects into one holding company.

Step by step we have become a multifaceted reality that allows us either to start new ventures on our own or to evaluate any type of new business in which to invest


Evaluation of opportunities

We assess market opportunities by studying and researching, or we evaluate interesting proposals



We create the corporate structure in the world suitable for the development of the business or project found where BILLIONAIRE INC participates directly as a shareholder


Expanding Your Business

We expand business through our professional skills and our dense network of international relationships.

our Approach

Our approach to business valuation is different!

Everything is analysed in detail by our founder and our network of international experts who make up our team.

We are able to evaluate businesses from very small or even start-ups up to large multinationals.

Our real added value is believing in the businesses we create and evaluating the growth in advance with a ten-year forecast.


How do we do it?


Our founder’s wishful thinking goes beyond all the thinking patterns of institutional investors, our holding company is private and we are not an investment fund nor an angel investor. We analyse every sector in the world, large or small, and implement out-of-the-box and innovative thinking to understand whether and how to revolutionise an entire market

15 Years of

We have more than 15 years of experience in setting up innovative and non-innovative businesses that in many cases have reached considerable size and national and international prominence


Our team, coordinated and supervised by our founder, is made up of the world’s leading experts in all categories. We have no great professional or thinker who has not collaborated with us


Our enormous international relationships allow us to facilitate business in different markets by collaborating with existing realities, finding commercial or real estate lots, obtaining contracts, collaborations, joint ventures, bank loans, investors, suitable colluders, business partners and much more

every size. every industry.

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